Be a sponge and a student

Seek advice from peers and mentors. The internet can teach you anything. Stay up to date in your industry as well as potential client industries.  Listen!  Absorb knowledge from everywhere, just use your own judgement on how to apply that knowledge. Everyone else in the world has an opinion, form your own based on what you know.  Take what resonates with you and make it your own.


Money gives you time, use it wisely

Yes time is money, we’ve all heard it. We all know the equations. But I like to review this as a “happiness value”.  What can I outsource, or pay to have done so that I don’t have to. What time and happiness do I then gain to do what I want versus what I had to.

Even for the average earner, I believe it to be useful to spend up to $50 to have something done that you don’t like, or want to.  Such as mowing the lawn, pay the neighborhood kid.  Cleaning house, pay a local company once a month.  Bookkeeping, outsource it.

Then get back to being you, go make money, spend it with friends, or just relax and soak up the sun.

StepsToBoss: Fire most all of your friends and family

You are about to do something drastically different than most. So you’ll face a lot of negativity, skepticism, and fear — ignore it. You may have to let some people go in your life or find ways to mute them.  If they don’t have the right energy, positivity and respect for you — let em go.

While there is nothing wrong with listening to everything you hear, you may not need any of the “advice” you get.