About Stephen

I am an entrepreneur, a dreamer, and a speed junkie393917_2923223362817_1023980015_n

Most days, I am the CEO of an IT support company in Chicagoland with an amazing team. When I am not creating, I’m usually having fun with travel, concerts, and speed.

For the past few years I have been an “entrepreneur in training”. Following, learning, and reading from the best in business. One of my best traits is being a sponge. Take in all the knowledge and advice around you and then wring out the excess.

Outside of working hard and giving back, I enjoy going fast in karts and cars, outdoors and summertime, travel, good food and cooking (especially Cuban sandwiches now I eat mostly veg), and great music from around the world.

Stephen or “Stee-‘fun'” — What’s in a (nick)name? shifter was a nickname I earned at a job years ago. Having always been around cars, I never learned how to drive stick. In college I had a job at a local automotive repair shop. One day at the shop brought in a 70’s Corvette that was a manual with a clutch and the rest is history.

In the future, I will create other businesses and invest in more.  I will continue traveling and eating all over the world.  I will chase this dream of racing.

Success for me is to move, build, and give.