Move fast and focus your vision ahead

Week before last I got a sales email that I actually read. Gene Hammett (fast growth business coach) paralleled fast growth companies and fast cars and was clear in what the ask was. To join a small group of fast growth leaders and to race at the Porsche Test Track in Atlanta.

Five days later I flew down to Atlanta to join everyone.

Gene put together a solid group of entrepreneurs that would gel.
He set up an environment for each to share our challenges.
And ultimately asked the questions to help each of us get to the root of them.
To cap off we had a great experience and adrenaline rush with the Porsche experience team on their test track.
We are all headed home with new confidence and definitely a lot of smiles.

No matter our challenges VISION fixes all of it.

We also had Horst Schultze (Founder of Ritz-Carlton) join us for an hour discussion with his thoughts on leading his team and the stature with Ritz Carlton.

Horst was adamantly clear that your VISION dictates everything you do. Purpose drives you to focus towards that vision. “Clearly, you decide where you want to be.”

Racing a car is like running a successful business – keep your eyes up and ahead (on the vision), what’s behind you doesn’t matter, stay clear minded, you can always correct little details, just keep improving each lap

Who do we need to BE to get to the next level? My answer, “on fire”.

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