What entrepreneur life is actually like

What entrepreneur life is actually like:

95% of entrepreneurship is really hard work.

While many of us see and focus on the 5%, the highlight reel, the best of, the greatest hits, the travel, the glamour–the reality is this.

Anxiety, drama, money, hearing no, sleepless nights, stress, deadlines, health, long days, finances, problems, losses, battles, emergencies, rules, politics, drama, setbacks, exhaustion, bad days, saying no, fuckups, competition, unfairness, and more no.
All while you live life, and all day, every day.

As an entrepreneur you see this beautiful light at the end of a dark, ugly, never ending tunnel and YOU JUST GO FOR IT.

It’s hard work. It’s giving up on friends and social. It’s having no money for who knows how long when you start. It’s working harder than any one else. It’s doubting yourself and then kicking ass anyway.

And it’s getting up and doing it again EVERYDAY.
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