What it takes to be successful, a six year case study

Six years ago, we officially inked and opened LeadingIT. I posted this picture then, buying six cases of energy drinks as I prepped to work my butt off. That first year the only thing I knew was that it takes HUSTLE, a lot of it, to build something successful.

I would get up and work only stopping for meals and then get back to it until I went to bed. Sometimes 7 days week, sometimes 60 or 80 hours a week. The only thing I knew was to WORK HARD because I knew what I wanted–something different. I had no social life then, I lost friends and relationships. I didn’t get out much. It was this way for about three or four years. But you SACRIFICE.
Back then I had to do anything to make a buck, I’d drive an hour an half to your grandmas house to fix her computer for $50. You work hard, you get out in front of as many people as you can and tell them your story. You show them how you can solve a problem for them.

Now we’ve grown to provide the best tech support to Chicagoland businesses. Our awesome fun hard working TEAM of 11 is supporting over 2500 people at our 80+ clients all day every day. Wow! Back in 2010 I couldn’t have imagined that, but we will continue growing.

A lot of people see me now and see what I am able to do now because of the success, because of the AMAZING team we have and the amazing work we do for our clients. This picture even reminds me of what it takes to “get there” and that is a “metric sh*t ton” of hard work. 

So here’s to MORE years at LeadingIT, more great team members, taking care of more clients and giving more back to our community in Crystal Lake. 

And to being DIFFERENT – being a crazy determined wild eyed entrepreneur, with NEW ideas to come!