All you need is… sales

Sales fixes everything.

 “Sales is about creating your own success.” @Robert Herjavec

In the end, failing equals no sales. You are probably going to hear a hundred no’s before you finally hear a “yes!”.

That’s sales and you’ve got to be immune to it. As an owner/president/ceo, your number one job is to sell. Here’s how:

  • Know your audience, listen to their needs
  • Ensure you have the right people present
  • Believe in yourself and your product or service
  • Ask for the deal, how can we make this work?

Then celebrate the win. And go do it again.

“There has never been a business that succeeded without sales.” @Mark Cuban

Set yourself a quarterly goal.  That’s kinda low, double it. Seriously.  I took my usual goal and almost tripled it this past quarter.  Guess what happens, you work harder, you do more. And what happened to the result, double the sales I usually do.  Still below the goal, but the best quarter ever. Boom.

Make that money.