Be more productive by not having to make decisions

People who know me, know that I am a creature of habit. I park in the same space, even in the way back at the grocery store. My wardrobe is fairly simple and I’ll wear the same jeans until they blow out. I order the same drink forever.

You might feel it’s lazy, but truthfully, its simplicity. We only have so much time and mental energy to spend on decisions every day.

How much fun is shopping? But also, how much of a pain is shopping? Here is how it might go. Which store should I go to? How do I get there? I am looking for dress pants or casual? Should I go with a color or just black? How should they fit? Are these too tight? Am I spending too much money on these? The list goes on–it can be exhausting.  Think about how many times a day we go through this barrage of choice. It can be exhausting.

You only have so much time, you only have so much mental energy.  Let’s not waste it on decisions that don’t really matter.

When it comes to decisions that don’t have a big impact in your life, just automate them so you never have to think about it again. I haven’t done weekend supplies shopping in years, Amazon automagically ships everything to me monthly.

Now you’ve freed up your time and your mental energy to do the most important work.