Outsource your life so you can live it

I haven’t set foot in a store to buy toilet paper in over a year. On sunny Saturdays, I prefer riding wave runners versus driving to Wal-marts.  Let’s do a little math here.  Wake up on the weekend with chores on your mind (affecting your mentality for the day), drive to the store probably in miserable traffic, deal with the weekend swarm of shoppers, spending about an hour at a minimum of your hard earned weekend for dish soap and toothpaste.

On the outsourced flipside, you download the Amazon app on your phone, spend 15 minutes using Subscribe & Save to set up automagic delivery of items like toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, even pantry items every month or so. Not only are you saving money buying bulk, you’ve saved a good amount of time as well as the hassle and stress of weekend shopping.

Now with the time you’ve saved, you can either go make more money or have fun spending it.

There are a ton of other areas you can apply this to and you can outsource almost anything.  If you don’t like doing it, aren’t good at it, or don’t have time for it — outsource it.  House cleaning,  laundry service, shopping, meal prep – there is probably an app for it.

Another one of my favorites has been Blue Apron, each week they ship 3 meals ready to cook (which I enjoy doing).  You great creative, healthy dishes that you make yourself typically in 30 minutes.

We all have the same 168 hours a week, how do you want to spend them?