Jump in!

The number one reason most people can’t, won’t, or don’t become successful is this – they NEVER fucking start.  How many times have you overheard great ideas and new inventions that end right then and there?  Most people are scared or lazy or unmotivated or unwilling to just jump in.

#BossQuotes “Most of the letters are the same, but there are no excuses in success.” Stephen

For me, I mulled a decision to quit my job for months while this exciting business idea consumed my thoughts.  I was scared, would it really work? am I capable of this? and all the other low self-esteem bullshit we let run through our minds.  When I finally jumped in, I felt this sense of accomplishment.  Crazy, I hadn’t even done anything yet just made a decision to start.

#BossQuotes “There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fuck-yeah!” Jen Sincero

Remember that life might not happen as fast as you thought, but today, you are the youngest you will ever be.  Decisiveness is one of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs. When you decide now, you start moving forward. Fuck yeah!