Drive(n) to succeed

“Success isn’t about being the best. It’s about always getting better.” – 99U’s Maximize Your Potential

One thing most people don’t realize — it takes a ton of drive to succeed. There are days where you even just fight with yourself to keep pressing on and stay positive. You run as fast as you can all the time, selling, building and creating.  But you also need to run this marathon over the long haul to compete, build, and stay successful.

For me, there were a few years, where I focused on nothing but the business. Growing our client list, building out our team, and adapting to what we needed to become as an organization.  I had little time with friends or family.  You work 60-80+ hours a week, you eat breathe and sleep business. You’re focused completely on succeeding.  And that’s what it takes.

Later on, I think you can find some balance but early on, it’s rise and grind.

Personally, I’ve found a hobby in speed.  Go karts, wave runners, ATVs, fast cars. It helps me to get out of the office but also another method of staying focused, learning, and driving to succeed (read: go faster). I also take long Sunday drives as a sort of meditation.

Go drive to succeed.