Have this ONE trait, or fail

Many don’t realize how hard it is to even start. We doubt our ideas, our talents, and our opportunity. Some never jump in, ever.  And it’s unfortunate. But to create something of value, to become successful – there is NO overnight success.

You have to change your mindset and ignore the bullshit.

“People allow emotions to get the best of them. No room for emotion in the big leagues. Passion, yes. But being clouded by insecurities is a huge vulnerability.” @GaryVee

You can call it determination, you can call it hustle, you can call it confidence; but it all boils down to ONE thing.  To be successful, YOU never stop, YOU suffocate excuses and YOU have a relentless work ethic.  You constantly move.  No one is lucky, YOU create YOUR future.

The single most important trait to success is this: persistence


Passion – ‘strong, uncontrollable emotion’ – is persistence. Confidence – ‘strong belief in something’ – is persistence. Determination – ‘strong purpose, resolute’ – is persistence.

Never stop.

There will always be doubters, haters, and cynics- and there may never be anyone who believes in you and even if there was, it wouldn’t matter. YOU make it happen.

In spite of difficulty. Take the good with the bad.

And even when you reach success, you keep climbing.  You never back off, you continue to sell you continue to grind.  Because there will always be someone to knock you off.