Take care of the team that takes care of you

When I first started the IT support company, I knew we would grow to have a great team. I also knew that to attract the best talent, we’d need to have better compensation than our competition.

Our team members make: solid salaries, 100% paid full benefits incl health life dental vision, Christmas bonuses, commissions on new business, two weeks vacation and cash bonuses throughout the year.

Other business owners look at me funny when I talk about these costs-we could easily “profit” more by making cuts especially in health insurance.

But I stand by the reasoning of “take care of the team that takes care of me”. If it wasn’t for the awesome team we have, I’d work many more hours and nights, I’d deal with more client challenges, and have more stress. Our investment in having a great team and compensating them alleviates that-I’d say a win/win.

Go team.