Read: Profit First

I had the opportunity to meet Mike Michalowicz a few years ago at an industry conference.  He work shopped with us for a couple hours around the idea in the book Profit First.  As business owners and entrepreneurs, many lose sight of why they started in the first place.  To work smart, not hard, to earn a good living, and to be in control of it all.  But sometimes we get lost, we work ridiculous hours taking home little to no money, and find ourselves spiraling out of control.

Mike says it simply, “make your business, your b*tch”. In his 2nd book Pumpkin Plan you regain control of your business and your time. With the map laid out for you in Profit First, you regain control of your finances and most importantly you get paid — very handsomely.

This book came at a perfect time for me in my business as we were doing really well — 50% growth in each of the last 3 years.  But I was beginning to burnout and wasn’t really sure, how or when to pay myself – the most important employee.  In Profit First, Mike lays out the formula and plan of how to compensate yourself, pay taxes with ease and control your expenses.

Go get Profit First now on Amazon. You can thank Mike later.