Purpose, mission, vision – you can call it any of these.  I look at it as the “Why”? Why am I out here, why am I putting this out – why am I who I am. For me living a shifted life is about success (your definition), lifestyle and freedom, being unique, and having a purpose.

I want to help you live a better life, create something of value and build great things, with purpose and giving back. To move, build, give.

In this world it is absolutely possible for you to live differently. Every day people are quitting the norm, stashing half their salary to save a million dollars and retire before 40, living a meaningful life with less stuff, or traveling full-time and moving to a new country every four months or so.

Be unique – not accepting the norm nor wanting the norm. Be successful – creating value for others in addition to wealth. BE YOU.

In my early 20s, I ventured my career in a few different directions but it began when I dropped out of engineering college.  I knew then that I needed something different. I was not made for sitting in Calculus 103 lectures for the next few years. I had a few different jobs, started consulting, but crashed into a decent sales job. Meanwhile I dreamt of building a real estate empire. I was hard on myself for not starting and being “behind” but it turned out it was a good thing I didn’t jump in — the market tanked a few years later. So I plugged a way with the sales job and learned quite a bit, selling, managing, finance.

When I turned 24, I really felt bored with my career.  I was making great money and it was an easy role — but I needed something more. I was always involved in technology and saw an opportunity to create something done before, but to be the best around. Months of muddling through, dreaming, and nerve racking thought, but I did it.  I jumped in and got started.

Within five years, I took it from zero everything to multi-million in revenue serving over 80 clients with a team of ten.  Now with that awesome team, we do great things for our clients and we do good for our community. I lead the company and chase opportunities, but it has provided me a better than usual lifestyle and freedom.

And I am just getting started. I hope the same for you.