An open letter remembering 2015

As I reflect back on one of the busiest years of my life — I can’t help but smile. The past year of 2015, for me, was a non-stop, incredible time. The travel, the speed, the growth, the music and everything in between.

I began to jet-set in 2015 with a trip just about every month, over 10,000 airline miles, over 30 business days out of the office. I enjoyed so many great concerts, saw many new venues, drove 160+mph and had one of the best summers I can remember.

In business, our team at LeadingIT has grown over 30% and hit our fifth year anniversary. We now support over 80 local businesses, non-profits, and government clients including over 2200 end users. Our team has grown to 10 full-time team members.

When I started LeadingIT at 25, I couldn’t imagine the growth we’d have. And now we won’t slow down as we continue to be the best NEXT generation technology company in the area.

And don’t get me wrong, there were setbacks. Some small, some quite costly, some heartbreaking. I started the year “divorced”, I faced different legal challenges, a few expensive “fixes” to old issues, another breakup, and even a death in the family.

But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

What I learned:

DONE > perfect

Done is better than perfect. Being decisive and doing things even at 80% done is better than hoping to get something perfect but never done.

Just go.

Whether it’s traveling or an event or an invite from a friend – just get up and get out there. Say yes and don’t hesitant, it’s going to be great.

Here’s to doing even more in 2016.