Give back

One of my personal values is “don’t be a schmuck”. All too often I see selfish wealthy people who keep hoards of money to themselves and insist on their own wealth.

I never want to be that way. I want to give benefit to others and share the wealth. My life doesn’t suck so how can I gift that to others less fortunate.

Steps To Boss – a miniguide

For this series of posts I am going to lay out all the lessons, steps, and how-to when I went through in becoming an entrepreneur.

Before I began on the journey, I was anxious and nervous. I put in a ton of work to start, I failed on somethings. But in retrospect, it was one of the best investments I could have made.

Follow along and hopefully these posts and insights can help you do the same.

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An open letter remembering 2015

As I reflect back on one of the busiest years of my life — I can’t help but smile. The past year of 2015, for me, was a non-stop, incredible time. The travel, the speed, the growth, the music and everything in between.

I began to jet-set in 2015 with a trip just about every month, over 10,000 airline miles, over 30 business days out of the office. I enjoyed so many great concerts, saw many new venues, drove 160+mph and had one of the best summers I can remember.

In business, our team at LeadingIT has grown over 30% and hit our fifth year anniversary. We now support over 80 local businesses, non-profits, and government clients including over 2200 end users. Our team has grown to 10 full-time team members.

When I started LeadingIT at 25, I couldn’t imagine the growth we’d have. And now we won’t slow down as we continue to be the best NEXT generation technology company in the area.

And don’t get me wrong, there were setbacks. Some small, some quite costly, some heartbreaking. I started the year “divorced”, I faced different legal challenges, a few expensive “fixes” to old issues, another breakup, and even a death in the family.

But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

What I learned:

DONE > perfect

Done is better than perfect. Being decisive and doing things even at 80% done is better than hoping to get something perfect but never done.

Just go.

Whether it’s traveling or an event or an invite from a friend – just get up and get out there. Say yes and don’t hesitant, it’s going to be great.

Here’s to doing even more in 2016.

StepsToBoss: Get crazy

To be successful, you’ve got to be crazy. Not serial killer like, although they say entrepreneurs are the closest thing. Be obsessed focus all your effort and ignore everything else.

You are going to be fighting every day on this. Dream it and love it everyday because in the end, that is what it takes. So ahead, get crazy.


Hate it, not good at it, takes too much time-Outsource it

There is literally a service for everything in life. Take out the hassle, drama, and loathing in your life by outsourcing it.

  • Hate getting the mail because its junk anyway – use mail
  • Shopping for supplies on weekends amongst a swarm of people Amazon will automatically ship it to you – yes even toilet paper
  • Nobody likes to do bookkeeping and reconciliation – have Acuity do it
  • Don’t grocery shop – let BlueApron do it.
  • Clothes
  • Pay someone $5 to do most anything on Fiverr


Read: Profit First

I had the opportunity to meet Mike Michalowicz a few years ago at an industry conference.  He work shopped with us for a couple hours around the idea in the book Profit First.  As business owners and entrepreneurs, many lose sight of why they started in the first place.  To work smart, not hard, to earn a good living, and to be in control of it all.  But sometimes we get lost, we work ridiculous hours taking home little to no money, and find ourselves spiraling out of control.

Mike says it simply, “make your business, your b*tch”. In his 2nd book Pumpkin Plan you regain control of your business and your time. With the map laid out for you in Profit First, you regain control of your finances and most importantly you get paid — very handsomely.

This book came at a perfect time for me in my business as we were doing really well — 50% growth in each of the last 3 years.  But I was beginning to burnout and wasn’t really sure, how or when to pay myself – the most important employee.  In Profit First, Mike lays out the formula and plan of how to compensate yourself, pay taxes with ease and control your expenses.

Go get Profit First now on Amazon. You can thank Mike later.