Why are we so angry?

Some of us spend every minute of our lives upset hating our neighbor despising the person we work with, waking up miserable, mad at the person in front at check out for paying in change, so impatient in traffic (which by the way will be there every day for the rest of our lives, probably worse, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it–and if every one calmed down – maybe there would be less accidents)

No wonder most of us are sick have cancer, can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t take it anymore — plus all the other shit that’s out to get you — then still some choose not to live another day.

I see the Travel Channel and how friendly everywhere else is — holy shit. So to me it might be an America thing. Always running a hundred miles an hour never taking time to sit, think, appreciate and be happy. Even dinner can be served from the freezer to the microwave in about 5 minutes – what the hell. Take 30 minutes, cook something, share it with others and appreciate it — then go back to running around and doing great things.

And I know this isn’t the only thing, there’s politics, there’s the healthcare system, theres gas prices, and all these other things but this may be the ONE thing that you can actually change — your own happiness.

Be happy to be waking up everyday with both your legs, or your house, or your loved ones. Be happy to be employed even if you have to sit next to some idiot. Let them live their idiot life – at least your not an idiot. Be happy with the rainy weather – because tomorrow it will bring beauty to the trees and plants. Be happy to have friends even if they’re annoying sometimes, we both know they care about you and would do anything if you asked them. And if you take two seconds to appreciate these things — you may just find more happiness.

Life is what you make of it — either happy or miserable. There are so many things to be happy for, but you may need to slow down for a minute to realize they’ve been there all along.


Going all digital: photos, music, videos, books, games

As most do, I kept stockpiles of media, paper, music, and games.

For a few years now, I’ve gone digital with most things. This week I’ll be able to ditch game discs and go digital with an online catalog of video games with the Xbox One.

I think its tidier, clean and better than stockpiles of “things” around the house.

Most of us started with paper–keeping Word docs or PDFs of everything. Sometimes just on our PC, flash drives, now recently in the Cloud.

Photos have been mostly digital especially now that most are shot on our smartphones. Most are uploaded to the cloud for storage or Facebook and instagram. Now our smartphones are better cameras than the typical point and shoot.

Music came next with Napster and iTunes. I use Spotify and Xbox Music mostly on Sonos speakers around the house and at the office. On the go I can identify and stream music with Windows Phone.

Books now travel to any device you have with Kindle and Nook apps. I’ve used Amazon to buy all the books I read digitally. They all sync to my Surface RT tablet, Nokia smartphone, and Windows notebook as well. The app even allows notetaking, bookmarks, and highlighting.

Later this week, Xbox One will release with the ability to purchase games on the box the day they release.  Prior, I’ve had to keep discs in cases and change them out to play the game. Damaged disc, no more game. Now you just purchase them, download, and play.

Thank you Cloud, Internet, and going digital. I like the simplification of keeping things digital, carrying less, and having fewer devices.